Monday Morning Ministry: From Reunion to Reconciliation


Title: From Reunion to Reconciliation
Scriptures: Genesis 45
Speaker: Dan Roca
Date: March 12, 2017

Main Point: God is bigger than our betrayals and sins and He will bring about reconciliation so
that we will have life.

A soft heart begins a turning point (1-3): When Joseph first saw his brothers back in chapter 42,
he spoke very roughly with them. But the more Joseph interacts with them, the more his heart
softens. Remember how seriously he was sinned against: His own brothers sold him into slavery
and told his father that he was dead. They kept up this lie for decades and never attempted to
find Joseph. Joseph has every right to imprison them for the rest of their lives. But what does
Joseph do here? Joseph covers his brothers’ sin, keeping their great evil from being made
known. When Joseph tells them who he is, his brothers can only think of their guilt before him.

A forgiving heart dramatically changes the fate of God’s chosen people (4-24): Rather than
being harsh with his brothers or making them grovel for forgiveness, Joseph forgives them
before they even apologize. What God has done in Joseph’s heart is apparent in his perspective.
Note in verses 5-9 all the times that Joseph highlight’s God’s activity in the events of his life.
Not only is God in control of history, but He can even use His people’s sin and turn it around for
good. This does not mean that God commits evil or that we should sin in order to somehow
bring God more glory. But how encouraging is it to know that God uses our failures for good.
God has not just worked for Israel, but works for us as well. (Romans 8:28)

Gospel story: Joseph’s brothers may not have known how serious their situation was, but they
were destined for poverty, starvation, and death. But Joseph comes in to provide their salvation.
Do you see the parallels between Joseph and Christ? Joseph’s brothers’ only hope of salvation
was the person they gravely sinned against. Joseph had every right to imprison his brothers, but
his heart to forgive them completely changed their fate.

A numb heart is revived by the truth. (25-28): How many years in hopelessness have gone by
for Jacob, never thinking he would see Joseph again? When his sons return and say that Joseph
is alive and is lord of all Egypt, Jacob does not believe them. Jacob’s heart was numb. It was not
until he saw all the blessings that Joseph and Pharaoh had bestowed upon his sons did he believe
them. People today can be the same way; they spend so many years in hopelessness that when
told the truth about Jesus, their hearts can be numb. Even we can be numb when we’re facing
trials and someone tells us to trust that God will turn everything for good. What people need to
see, though, is the blessings that God has given to us. God has given you joy in Christ. Does it
show? God has given you a heart of forgiveness, kindness, mercy. Are you quick to forgive, to
be kind, and merciful? God has given you the gospel. Have you told the good news?

Conclusion: God preserved the family of Jacob through the reconciliation of Joseph to the
brothers who had betrayed him. God used the man who had been betrayed by his brothers to
save His chosen people from death. As great as Joseph was, he died. The people of Israel were
carrying around his bones in the desert. They again needed a savior. That Savior has come, once
and for all, in Jesus who died, but rose again. God’s heart began a turning point for us in history.
Christ’s forgiving heart has dramatically changed our fate. Our numb hearts have been revived
by the truth. This is God’s doing. May God be bigger in your eyes!