Ephesians Series

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Why study Ephesians?

“My Christian faith is really all about my personal relationship with Jesus.”

Have you ever heard comments like this before? Maybe this is how you are currently thinking about church. It is not surprising to hear an increasing number of people think of the Christian faith primarily in terms of themselves as individuals. Faith is a personal and private matter.

Paul however, shows us a radically different view of spiritual life in his letter to the Ephesians. Christianity is far more corporate and public than we might expect. We are saved individually, but we are placed in a family. Following Jesus Christ means living out the call to follow Him with others, who love the same Savior. For the church of Jesus Christ is “God’s big plan for Christ’s new people”, made up of people from every kind of background, living under the gracious rule of Christ.s himself.

Our series will help us to discover from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians the riches of God’s grace in the church, and to grow as part of it.