Summer Psalms Series

Summer Psalms 2014 gfx

The book of Psalms possesses an enduring fascination for God’s people. This collection of 150 poems has supplied some of our best loved passages in scripture. They simultaneously express a frankness and intimacy of emotion including love and adoration for God, sorrow over sin, dependence on God in desperate circumstances, the battle of fear and trust, walking with God even when the way seems dark, thankfulness for God’s care, devotion to the word of God, and confidence in the eventual triumph of God’s purposes for the world. But this diversity is unified by one element ~ they are centered upon the one and only living God. This Creator God is king of all the earth and a refuge to all who trust in him” – Introduction to the Psalms, from the ESV Study Bible.

Join us this summer as we read the ‘summer psalms’ in order to know God better through His word and deepen our trust in him.

  • July 6: Psalm 85: Revive Us Again
  • July 13: Psalm 32: Confession & forgiveness
  • July 20: Psalm 63: Thirsty
  • July 27: Psalm 162: God Restores Us
  • Aug. 3: Psalm 119:97-104:  Passion for God’s Word
  • Aug. 10: Psalm 119: 165:  Peace
  • Aug. 17:  Psalm 51: Restoration
  • Aug. 24: Psalm 129: Affliction
  • Aug. 31: Psalm 95: Let Us Sing!