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Erik Raymond

Gospel Shaped Mission

What Kind of Church Should We Be?
Men’s Retreat | January 13-14 2017


About Erik Raymond:
Erik is a pastor of Emmaus Bible Church (NE) and is the author of the Ordinary Pastor Blog hosted by the Gospel Coalition.

Conference Summary:

Too many churches prefer to leave Christ’s mission to reach the world up to gifted individuals and church leaders. But all believers are invited into the privilege of praying and working together to make disciples that love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Erik will equip us from the scriptures on how to be involved in the work of making disciples and sharing Christ among our family, neighbors, and our community.


  • Early Bird: Full Registration (lodging for 1 night, meals, snacks): $125
  • Full Registration after December 1st (lodging for 1 night, meals, snacks): $135Mens Retreat Button
  • Partial Registration: (meals, snacks, no lodging): $85
  • Partial Registration (snacks only, no meals, no lodging): $35


Wonderland Retreat & Conference Center
10 Capen Hill Rd
Sharon, MA 02067


Hosted by Crossway Church, Godspeed Fellowship, New Covenant Christian Fellowship

Last Men’s Meeting


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Men’s Ministry

These days, though, most men live without a clear sense of who they are or where they should be going. Their fathers have defined them, but that definition often came through their absence and their lack of instruction.

The first step the our journey toward manhood is admitting that a problem exists. There is a lot of confusion in our culture about what a man’s identity is. We can’t solve it ourselves; we need help.

In my own journey, I’ve discovered three things:

  • I must rely on Christ
  • I need a plan
  • I need other men too

Join us as we ‘step up’ to manhood together.