Women’s Ministry

Women's Ministry Graphic 2016

Scripture is clear that women are created in God’s image and intended to serve him with their lives.
But what might this look like for the women of our church?

Profitable women’s ministry “is grounded in God’s word, grows in the context of God’s people and aims for the glory of Christ. (1) That’s the goal of women’s ministry. It’s simple, but keeping God’s word a priority is often hard to do. Ever since Eve, our tendency has been to distance ourselves from God’s word, focusing more on our personal desires, preferences and felt needs rather than in God’s provision in His revelation of himself. Women’s ministry easily becomes more about women, rather than about women hearing and following together God’s voice as revealed in His word.

Scripture’s reveal the goal of any ministry, including women’s ministry is ultimately about God’s glory. We see that glory revealed face-to-face, as it is revealed to us in God’s word.

Come join us!

Our next women’s meeting is Saturday, September 24th at 9:00am.
Breakfast will be provided by James Breakfast & More.
Cost per person: $6, which can be paid online.

If you have questions and our interested in learning more about women’s ministry at Crossway, contact our church office at rebekah@crosswayma.org



(1)  Word-filled Women’s Ministry, Gloria Furman & Kathleen Nielsen (Crossway publishers)


Womens Manuscript Study

We are continuing our women’s Bible study (for ladies 13 years old and up) this fall.

It will be a manuscript study of Mark’s Gospel, chapters 9 through 16.

To receive a manuscript or for further information, email Rebekah Tracy at our church office at: rebekah@crosswayma.org.

Upcoming Study Dates

Sunday, September 11th | 12:00pm
Friday, September 30th | 7:30pm

Sunday, October 9th | 12:00pm
Friday, October 28th | 7:30pm

Sunday, November 13th | 12:00pm

Friday, December 2nd | 7:30pm

What is a manuscript study?

A manuscript study looks at the text without chapter or verse divisions or the headings that the publishers put into the text. We will study the text looking for repeating phrases and themes and notice connections in a different way.
For instance…we are all familiar with the “Baptism of Jesus” as well as “the Temptation of Jesus”, but without the artificial division, the text reads:
“And a voice came from heaven, ‘You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.’ The Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness.”
The juxtaposition of these sentences indicates that God can be well pleased with us and also send us into challenging times.