Disciple of Christ

“And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age”
Matthew 28:18-20

What Do Disciples Do Because of What Jesus Has Done?
Do you ever wonder what you are supposed to be doing as a disciple of Jesus Christ?
What Jesus has done for sinners through his life, death, and resurrection not only changes you forever —it changes you now! In re_GEN Youth Ministry we take time to understand and live out Jesus’ instructions for the life of discipleship found in Jesus’ Great Commandment, Great Commission, and the Greatest Book ever written – the Bible.

We want to be disciples of Jesus Christ whose lives are

  • Built on the Word of God
  • Empowered by the Spirit of God
  • Sharing the Gospel with others

We want to love our neighbor.
Part of growing as disciples of Christ is finding opportunities to love our neighbor by serving our community too. re_GEN plans and directs service opportunities in area nursing homes, a local food pantry and soup kitchens, and reaching out to students at area college campuses.

We have a lot of fun.
Part of growing together is having fun together too. Ultimate frisbee, ga-ga, bowling at the Ficcodrome, street hockey, movie nights, and our annual youth camp just some of the activities we enjoy at re-GEN.

We believe parents should play an integral role in youth ministry too.
Our hope at re_GEN is to encourage parents in their discipleship of their youth during the
teenage years. We take seriously our responsibility to equip, envision, ecourage, and involve mom and dad in our ministry and serving opportunities.

re-GEN youth ministry meets the 2nd Sunday, and 4th Friday of every month.
Join us this year as we seek to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ!

The Youth Ministry of Crossway Church exists to glorify and exalt God. The intent of all we do is to see the gospel applied in the lives of teenagers and to cultivate spiritual fruit that results in teens who worship God, live in obedience to His Word and passionately proclaim the gospel.

Parents have primary responsibility for the biblical training and discipleship of their children through the teenage years. Parents play an irreplaceable role in the forming of Christian character in the lives of their teens. Effective parenting guides youth beyond family into commitment, membership, service, and fruitful involvement in the local church.

The fundamental purpose of peer relationships for teens is the cultivation and enjoyment of biblical fellowship. This fellowship never replaces parents, however, but supports and affirms their primary role in influencing their kids. Wisdom, integrity and purity should characterize all peer relationships, especially those involving the opposite sex. We believe that God has ordained romance for those prepared for, and in pursuit of, marriage.

Pastoral care is an important means of grace to equip parents in effectively discipling and preparing their teens for life as mature, God-honoring adults. The responsibility of the church is to support and supplement parents as they seek to direct their children, while also providing an essential teaching voice that offers biblical clarity on family issues. In our desire to support the families, we provide pastoral care and counseling for parents and teens, parent training seminars, Parent/Teen Small Groups for Junior and Senior High students, service and ministry opportunities, and a yearly Youth Camp where our teens go away for a week of relevant teaching, exciting worship, and fun activities.

The teenage years are filled with unique opportunities for parents and the church to inspire and equip the next generation for its role in God’s plan. These years need not be synonymous with the rebellion or unsupervised independence that is characteristic of our culture. We are excited about what God is already doing and will yet do in and through our Youth Ministry.

What is a Disciple? (September)

Revised September 22 2012