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May Grace Go With Us

Bauer Evans, on March 18, 2018. Part of the Free At Last: The Gospel of Grace in Galatians series

Main Point: The message of the cross propels us toward Christ centered, grace rooted living.

Key Ideas:
Paul’s burden (v. 11)
Paul’s battle (v. 12-13)
Paul’s boasting (v. 14-16)
Paul’s suffering (v. 17)
Paul’s benediction (v. 18)

“Galatians exists for grace. It begins with grace (1:3), and it ends with grace (6:18). But the grace of Galatians is costly, not cheap. For it propels us toward gospel-rooted living, which means boasting in the cross of Christ alone. Is your life rooted in God’s grace as found in Christ’s cross? Are you looking there for every good thing in life and for eternity? If you are, then you can bank on this: “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [will] be with your spirit, brothers” (v. 18).” - Todd Wilson, Galatians: Gospel Centered Living

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