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The Kingdom & the Cross

Bauer Evans, on April 7, 2019. Part of the Holy Week series

Text: Mark 1:1-20, Mark 10:32-33, Mark 15:37-39

Main Point:

In the gospel of Mark, Jesus Christ is our spiritual reconnection with God.

Key Ideas
He is worthy of our attention
He is highly recommended by the OT prophets, and the voice of God himself
Jesus death and resurrection reconnects us with God by faith in his gospel

Application Questions:

1. This is the time of year when millions of people take a ‘fresh look’ at Jesus through reading one of the gospels. How did Mark 1 give you a ‘fresh look’ at Jesus Christ? How might you prayerfully bring these insights into your week and have it shape your life this week?
2. Which of Mark’s emphases encouraged you to focus more on Jesus this week: Vs. 1/Mark’s announcement of the purpose for writing his gospel; His recommendation of Jesus from the prophets and John the Baptist (vs. 2-8) : ; Jesus experience at his baptism and the voice from heaven (vs. 9-11?)
3. Jesus began his public ministry proclaiming the gospel and the kingdom of God. (vs. 11-12, cf. 10:32-34). What would be 1-2 areas where gospel promises such as these encourage our faith to look to him again as Savior? What would be 1-2 claims Christ makes on those who identify with his Kingdom? What about Christ’s love and kingship encourages our faith to walk in manner worthy of him?

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