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The Savior’s Submission

Dan Roca, on June 16, 2019. Part of the Confident Hope in Troubled Times series

1 Peter 2.13-25
The Savior’s Submission

Follow Jesus in his submission to authorities and trust God for justice.

1. Live free in submission to governing authorities (13-17)

Application 1: How will you take steps to live free in submission to the government?
Application 2: Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the president. (v17)

2. Live gracious in submission to private authorities (18-20)

Application 3: What is one way that you can be more gracious in your submission to those in authority over you?

3. Live righteous because Christ submitted even to die in our place (21-25)

Application 4: When faced with injustice, will you put your eyes on Christ and trust him?
Application 5: What steps can you take this week to rest in your salvation in Christ?

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