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Better to Suffer Doing Good

Bauer Evans, on June 23, 2019. Part of the Confident Hope in Troubled Times series

Main Point:

We can endure unjust suffering because we stand on an unshakeable foundation.


The influence of godliness in the home (vs. 1-8)
The groundwork of hope in this life (vs;. 9-12)
The promise of a future inheritance (vs. 13-17)

Application points:

Fearless Humility: We are to be fearless in our subjection to God’s word (vs. 1-8),

Future Hope: We are to live expectantantly for our inheritance from God is secure (vv. 9-12)

Fortified Faith: We are to honor Christ as Lord knowing He will vindicate our obedience to him (vs. 13-17)

Application Questions for Reflection & Response:

1. What do you think it will take for you to embrace Peter’s view of suffering for the sake of the gospel?

2. How would our life, our conduct, our words be different if we really did not fear anything because you knew that the worst that can happen cannot happen—that you cannot lose God’s love and promised inheritance for you?

3. What stops you effectively sharing the hope that you have when you are asked to give your reasons for it—and what can you do to better prepare yourself? Or are you never asked?

4. In which case, what does that suggest to you about how you are living, and what will you do about that?

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