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Peace on Earth

Bauer Evans, on December 22, 2019. Part of the Advent in Isaiah series

Main point: Christmas is good news for those who bow at the manger and worship at the empty tomb of Jesus.

Structure of the Text:
The stump shall bear fruit (vs. 1)
The signal shall stand forever (vs. 10)

Key Ideas:
Our salvation begins humbly (vs. 1)
Our salvation has real power to restore our peace (vv. 2-9)
Our salvation stands with Christ forever (vs. 10)

Jesus comes to you in humility
> Are you willing to judge Christ not merely by external appearances?

Jesus has real power to restore our peace
> Are you willing to turn to Christ by confessing your sin and your need of Him?

Jesus calls you stand with Him
> Are you willing to put your trust in Christ to receive His perfect peace?

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