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Earnest Prayer in Times of Uncertainty

Bauer Evans, on March 22, 2020. Part of the Acts series

Main Point: In times of uncertainty and suffering, Christ’s kingdom goes forward in surprising ways.

Key ideas:
A distressing providence (vv. 1-5)
A dramatic deliverance in earnest prayer (vv. 6-19)
An astonishing contrast in glory (vv. 20-25)

Application Question(s):
In this time of uncertainty,
> what is one thing from Acts 12 that impressed you about God, his character and purposes for our lives?
> what might it look like for us to be earnest in prayer during this crisis?
> what ‘glory thieves’ might God be revealing that we need to repent of?
> what surprising providences might occur were we to be earnest in prayer and Christ were to receive all the glory?

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