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The Grace of God Received & Reviled

Bauer Evans, on March 29, 2020. Part of the Acts series

Main Point: The church catches a vision for mission as the Word continues to goes forth and bring people in.

Key ideas:
~The church caught a vision for God’s mission (vv. 1-3)
~The missionaries were met by two distinct responses (vv. 4-12)
~The message asked three things critical to our mission (vsv. 13-5)
1. Do you know your history?
2. you know your Savior?
3. Do you know your plight?

Application Question(s):

~Have you caught a vision for mission in all of life and worship?

~How do you live out that vision in your worship of God today?

~Which of the questions Paul in his message asked was challenging to you?

~How would answering that question shape your life, worship and mission in fresh ways this week?

~What would you say if you were given an opportunity to speak about Christ today?

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