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A Tale of Three Cities

Bauer Evans, on April 5, 2020. Part of the Acts series

Main point: Jesus continues to bring people in through the word of His grace - the gospel - and the faithful witness of his people, the church.

Key Ideas:
1. We should not be surprised when the gospel divides people who hear it (vv. 1-7)

Application Question:
-Does it surprise you when people reject
you or the message you share?

-How does Acts 14 help you to think
about their response in a new way?

2. We have good news to share so we all must resolve to share it (vv. 8-18)

Application questions:
-What makes sharing the gospel
message hard for you?

-How does realizing we share a similar
nature with those we share with shape
our attitude and actions in how we
speak about Christ to them?

3. We have been added to the church in order to be strengthened in our discipleship and continue in mission together (vv. 19-25)

Application questions:
-When you think about the mission of
the church, which of the aspects Paul
highlighted - evangelism, discipleship,
and church planting - have you
tended to emphasize?

-Which have you tended to neglect? How
might God be calling you to grow
during this series in Acts?

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