Thrive Conference 2018




Timeline & Important Dates

July 15-Early Registration Opens

Sept. 30-Early Registration Closes

Oct. 14- Registration Closes

Nov. 2-4- Thrive Conference


Registration Costs ** Early registration saves $10 off the below costs **

Pastors – Free
Entire conference – $58
Entire Conference, young married – $85/couple Two-day Pass – $48
One day – Friday – $20
One day – Saturday – $35
One day – Sunday – $20

Walk-in registration will be accepted at the conference, costs will a $10 increase from the above costs


Conference Schedule 2018

Friday, November 2
6:30pm Registration open
7:30pm Main Session #1 – A Redeemed Sinner | Jon Payne

9:30pm Coffee house

Saturday, November 3
8:00am Late registration
9:00am Main Session #2 – A Child of God | Kyle Huber
10:30am Coffee break
11:00am Main Session #3 – A Follower of Christ | Warren Boettcher

12:00pm Lunch (provided)
1:30pm Breakout sessions A
2:30pm Break
3:00pm Breakout sessions B
4:00pm Dinner (on your own)
6:30pm Main Session #4 – A Witness in the World | Ian McConnell 9:00pm Activity

Sunday, November 4
10:00am Main Session #5 (Sunday Service) – A Saint on the Way to Glory | Jon Payne

11:30am Lunch (Provided)
12:30pm Main Session #6
2:00pm Conference concludes


Main Sessions:

Main Session 1 (Friday Night): A Redeemed Sinner – Jon Payne

Main Session 2 (Saturday morning): A Child of God – Kyle Huber

Main Session 3 (Saturday morning): A Follower of Christ – Warren Boettcher

Main Session 4 (Saturday evening): A Witness in the World – Ian McConnell Main

Session 5 (Sunday Morning): A Saint on the Way to Glory – Jon Payne



The purpose of our breakouts is to take what we’re learning in main sessions and put it into play in the challenging practicals of life. These are not additional teachings – they are give and take sessions where pastors will use instruction and dialogue to help attendees wrestle with what it means to live out an identity in Christ in a world that wants to tell us who we are and how we should live. Here are the breakout sessions (attendees will be able to take two).

Identity and gender – Jeff Boettcher

Identity and ethnic diversity – Tim Shorey

Identity and creativity – Andy Farmer

Identity and vocation/calling – Pete Privitera

Identity and Social Media – Jacob Young


Conference FAQ

What is the conference web page?


Who is the conference for? The conference is open to singles of all ages, college students, young marrieds (“young” being open to individual interpretation), and high school seniors.

What meals are provided and what about dietary restrictions? Lunch is provided on Saturday from Chick-fil-A as well as on Sunday with sandwiches from Wegmans. Both days a gluten free option is available as well as vegetarian. These dietary needs will need to be indicated at registration so food can be planned for.

What Lodging is available? We have arranged for a discounted rate at a hotel that is literally at the end of the Covenant Fellowship parking lot, very easy walking distance. Information on costs and how to reserve rooms is available on the conference web page.

Why early registration? We have found that offering a cost incentive to register early provides motivation for folks to register. Also, early registration aids in conference planning in a huge way, ensures that we are ordering enough give-aways, supplies, etc. Also, anyone who registers early is also entered to win an iPad mini at the conference.

Will you accept walk ins? Yes, we will. Walk-in registration will be available on both Saturday and Sunday; the registration is $10 more than the regular registration costs.

What is the refund policy?

Cost for Pastors? No. Pastors attend the conference for free. We want you there at the Conference, both for your own benefit and for your ability to relate to and care for the members of your church who attending. So to make sure that is as easy as possible we are covering your cost. Just choose “pastor” as attendee type when you register.

Do people have to attend Sunday (entire conference) or can they attend just part of the conference? Folks can attend pretty much as much or as little of the conference as they are able. Obviously the more of the conference attended the greater the benefit, but we realize that life is full and schedules busy. So, if someone can just come on Saturday or even just Friday night we absolutely want them there. There are a variety of cost options to accommodate this.

Is childcare provided? No there is no childcare. But we do have a nursing moms room with audio feed for anyone who might need it.

Will the conference be recorded? Yes, it will be, including all the breakout sessions. All audio files will be available on the conference web page roughly two weeks after the conference concludes.

Why are breakout sessions offered twice? We find that folks have enjoyed the ability to attend multiple sessions rather than having to choose from just one session. So, the same sessions will be offered twice, back- to-back and attendees will be able to attend two of them during the conference.