Building Our Lives on the Essentials of the Faith

Time: Sunday evenings at 7pm
Date: Oct. 13th – Nov 10th (running for 5 weeks)

Pillar is aimed at helping people to understand more about the Christian faith, life and priorities. We will tackle questions like: How do I grow in my relationship with Jesus? How can I understand better what the bible is saying? What is faith? How do I change? Why do we sing at church? Why do we meet together in small groups? And that is just for starters!

Come join us this October as we build on lives on the pillar of God’s word together!


    • Week 1 (Oct 13): The Word and Preaching
      Why do we listen to preaching on Sundays?
      How do we know the Bible is true?
    • Week 2 (Oct 20): Worship – It’s more than just singing
      Why do we sing? What is worship?
    • Week 3 (Oct 27): How to Read the Bible
      Part 1 – Staying on the Line
    • Week 4 (Nov 3): A Praying Life (Chris LaChance)
      What is prayer? How do I pray?
    • Week 5 (Nov 10): How to Read the Bible
      Part 2 – Traveling Instructions