“Vicory” ~ Miss Abby

“The Crucifixion and The Criminals Small” ~ Mrs. Evans

“Peter Denies Jesus” ~ Miss Kelsey and Mrs. McLernon

“Joseph Is Attacked By His Brothers” ~ Chris LaChance

“Behold” (Luke 2) with Miss Abby

Jesus is Arrested with Mrs. Evans

The Widow’s Offering” (Mark 12:41-44) with Mrs. Evans

“The Lord Is Near” (Psalm 34:17-18) with Miss Abby

“The Triumphal Entry” ~ Children’s Ministry Lesson with Mrs. Evans

“Jesus Christ is LORD” (Phil 2) with Ms. Abby

Joseph’s Coat (Gen 37) with the LaChances – 6/28/20

Linda’s lesson on Jesus and Zacchaeus – 6/14/20

Chris and Jen LaChance – Children’s Ministry Lesson 5/23/20

Abby’s Children’s Ministry Lesson 5/10/20

Linda’s Easter Lesson